How to say..

How to say,
"Selamat Hari Raya, mintak maaf kalo ada terkasar bahasa, halalkan segala..",
to a neighbour which you never talk to..

How to say,
"I hate you so much, you pig.."
to a staff you hate so much, but you work with her daily..
mind the language..
she did labelled me as "a stupid cow who cannot work" in the past though..

How to say,
"I love you so much, sayang.."
to your wife suddenly, when you really meant it,
without making her suspecting you something is going on..

How to say,
"Anak hang nanti mesti comel macam hang jugak.."
to a friend who married for nearly 2 years,
but still "tader rezeki" and she really take it as a sensitive issue..

How to say,
"dah tak larat dah la nak tolong.."
to a friend who always ask you to do him a favour,
with same old sentence, "alaa.. masa aku senang aku tolong ko plak.."
apa yg ko dah tolong aku aa..?
macam tader jer..

How to say,
"daaaakk.. aku mmg tak kenal hang sapa.."
to a stranger who bumped onto you at the shopping complex,
and said he was your old school friend..

How to say,
"Ni tak betul nih, hangpa takleh buat macam nih.."
to other department staff who made mistake in his job,
when the department manager himself never mention about it..

How to say,
"Geli aaa wei.."
to a cute girl who is talking to you with "t*ik hidung" dangling at her nose..

How to say,
"sorry for not posting recently.."
to pembaca setia blog anda, since you are only posting 2 times in a month..

Thursday, October 01, 2009


sweetheart said...

sebulan sekali post pon
aku msk gak blog hang...

joegrimjow said...

camtu ke?
kene update slalu la

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

yang lain2 tuh tak tau nak cakap camne....

tp yang last tuh mmg mewajarkan anda mintak maaf!huwaaaa...benduuuulll..pnat wooo tunggu blog nieh berupdate!

Pocket said...

'How to say,
"I love you so much, sayang.."'

- keep it coming baby, keep it coming,
jangan dah bersalah baru nak cakap,
depa nampak perkataan 'guilt' tu tertulis clear jer atas kening kiri ko:D

'How to say,
"Anak hang nanti mesti comel macam hang jugak.."'

-U dont

'How to say,
"Geli aaa wei.."'

-U dont, just tell her, with hand gesture, buat muka sikit n sentuh idong. kalau 'ta1k idong' ok lg.
kalau bulu idong?
tak keluar tu kalau tak cabut:D

'How to say,
"sorry for not posting recently.."'

-u say,
'sorry for not replying, here is ten jusco shopping voucher for the next ten first-commentator.. Thank you for coming:D'

bendul said...

sweetheart: looo.. yer ker..? mekasih jer laaa.. nanti aku anto kuih raya satu tapawe naaa..

joe: yes sir.. tu ler yg tgh dok nak buat nih.. tapi tak terbuatkan.. iskkk..

sha: sori la sha.. lately byk sgt masalah yg susah org lain nak paham.. nak post kan masalah tu pun susah gak..

pocket: 1) mesalah nyer aku tak bersalah pun.. mmg masa tu terasa nak ckp sesangat, lalu membuatkan depa nampak perkataan 'guilt' tu timbul..
2) tak buleh yer..?
3) geli la weeiii.. cannot help it..
4) ada lagi 4 keping voucher..? ada 6 keping jer nih.. heheheh..

Pocket said...

for the next ten first-commentator..

so kali ni dpt kat sweetheart lah,
another nine post i need to keep watch.

or else i wont be getting your shopping voucher :D

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