Heart pumping moment..

my younger sister will get married next week..
the nikah will be on next friday,
with the kenduri follow on the next day..
i bet the groom's heart,
pumpings like he just cut the finish line of his 100m run,
everytime his head keep thinkin about the ceremony..
doesn't it, adam..?
that is his heart pumping moment for now,
i think..
my akad nikah ceremony also make my heart pumping..
well, akad nikah ceremony did make almost all men nervous..
make me want to put this thing aside of what i want to tell you after this..

lots of moments made my heart beating like hell..
i made a list here,
5 of them..

1) my dad found out i stole money from my younger brother tabung when i was 10..

2) this moment..

3) my first air flight..

4) this moment..

5) malam pertama laaa... aiyaaaa... mau buat macam mana tak tau wooo...

so my friends,
kind to share some of your heart pumping moments..?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wake me up..

Aku masih lagi terkejut..
atau lebih baik dikatakan terhina..

itulah padahnya,
terlalu berharap kat orang lain..

apa dah jadi..
sendiri yang menanggung seksa..

rasa macam nak cakap jer,
harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi..
tapi tak tepat kot..
pepatah aper yang sesuai aaa..
hmmm.. tak tau laa..
memacam pepatah ada..
guruh berdentum, air tempayan dicurahkan..
menari tak pandai, disalahkan lantai tak rata..
rumah siap, pahat berbunyi..

tapi tak tau la..
kenapa sampai aku jadik macam nih..?
sampai bila aku nak macam nih..?
ni ler padahnya bila...
manchester united kalah champions league final..
siot jer.. cemana la bleh kalah..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aye aye sir..?

Now friends,
my fellow pocket before wrote a post,
titled Walk The Plank..
i've sms-ed him this morning,
saying i wanted to continue his story,
but in my situation..

from pocket post,

"...The cleaner panicked now. after the piano,
the furniture was used to replace charcoal.
Now there's nothing to clean.
The next one to jump the plank might be him.
Panic is in the air. hope the ship wont sink!!..."

luckily the ship survived,
but with some crews been overboard,
been kicked off the plank..
the ship had maintained the suitable load now,
with charcoal supply suddenly arose from nowhere..
the ship keep sailing for a few month,
until it come to the time that all the crew deserve more wages than previous trip..

the captain went to the deck,
calling all the 4 lieutenants and 1 second lieutenant,
one by one in captain's room,
discussing on this trip wages of crews..
they never know what captain has told to others..
they just know what've been told to them..

the captain called the only second lieutenant..
he walked into and sat in the captain's room with hope..
previous day, one of the lieutenant told him,
beside of more wages for the crews,
he will be no more a second lieutenant..
he will be a lieutenant too..
he waited for 5 years of sailing..
at last..

the captain start talking craps..
he listened carefully and suddenly,
as worse as the storm hit the ship,
the captain said,
there are no such thing as raising wages..
only some crews will be promoted..
sailor to corporal,
corporal to sergeant..
second lieutenant also promoted,
as the other lieutenant told him,
a lieutenant he will be..
but with the same wages..

he did want to argue..
but it's the captain's order..
no one disobey captain's order,
or on the plank he should be..

the only second lieutenant cried..
cried as loud as he wanted..
he miss his wife and his son..
he work hard for 'em..

on second thought,
he plan to jump ship..
but with no other ship nearby,
super swim strength just can't do..
he regret for not jump ship on previous trip,
when another good ship passed by..

now he's in doubt..
keep sailing,
argue captain in risk of to be on the plank,
or just jump ship..
hoping that the evil captain will pull him back,
and secretly raise his wages behind other crew..


thanks to pocket again..
for let me continue his story of mine..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mars and Venus..

Story 1
2 men walking,
they bumped each others..
Man 1 : Hey..!! Watch out..!!
Man 2 : You watch out..!!
Man 1 : Who me..!!??
Man 2 : Yes you..!! Bla bla bla..
They bumped each other again and again..

Story 2
2 women walking,
they bumped each others..
Woman 1 : I'm sorry..
Women 2 : No, it's my fault..
Women 1 : Hey.. What a nice shoes you have..
Women 2 : Well, thank you.. Bla bla bla..
They went shopping together..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let the pic do the talking..

Monday, May 18, 2009

I wonder.. (No 2)

kesinambungan dari previous post,
aku masih lagi nak bertanya..
aku masih lagi curious..
aku masih lagi nak tahu..

I wonder..

"Why does our only one satelite TV service (AST*O) got commercials..?"

anybody related can answer..?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tetiba jer..

seperti tajuk post nih,
tetiba jer aku menulis balik..

pasal tak sanggup dah aku nak membiarkan pengunjung blog aku yang makin menyurut..
abih la unique2 aku..
bertempiaran lari tak tahu ke mana..ke blog org lain la kan..

aku jeles ngan pocket,
dia ada streamyx..
ngan org lain2 yg ada streamyx pun aku jeles gak..
kenapa laa aku tader streamyx..

so, kesimpulan nyer,
aku menyalahkan kerajaan setempat kerana tak memberikan stremayx percuma kepada penduduk tempatan..

tetiba jer salahkan orang lain..

opss.. i will be in kl this wednesday..
lunch together anybody..?
alaa.. takleh benonyer..
kena stick to the schedule..
gi meeting, bukan gi jenjalan..

Monday, May 11, 2009

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