Kita serupa..

watch AXN lately..?
sorry for non-subscriber readers..
i love watching one US reality show,
it's on Tuesday 9pm ~ 11pm,
Wickedly Juicy TV : So You Think You Can Dance?
Last night was the second week..
2nd audition for 4th season, on air in US on May 2008 actually..

just like american idols, british idols etc,
only dance version..
you come to dance in front of 3 judges..
you're great, you go to vegas..
you're good, you wait for the choreography session for 2nd chance,
you're bad, you have to leave the auditorium..
any dance will do..
from salsa to street dance..

i just love it..
sometimes it's entertaining,
most of the time it's damn funny..
but last night show,
i took a knock at my heart..

there was one contestant,
Brett Banford, who is down-syndrome..
He dance well, with his own style..
and he didn't make it to vegas, as expected..

but, i don't know why,
what he said after the 3 judges comments,
was not only make me sob,
it make me cry until yana thought i'm crazy for crying on one US dance reality show..
never on AF, NEVER..!!!!

i'm posting this,
and i'm still sheding tears..

i found one page telling about this,
complete with the session video..
you can read and watch it here..

“I’m just here to prove to people that people with disabilities can actually have a normal life and live it. And that’s what I’m here to represent..”
i cried because he was not crying..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


nURmALa mAZLan said...

hahaha...ko nangis bendul?
x rock arr

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

tgh bayang, macam mana rupa bendul menagis. sbb bila ingat bendul, ingat popeye. maybe macam popeye menangis.

* disable people will make us cry easily. tp sha pernah nangis dgr budak kecik menyanyi pon:(

kuatnya dia sbb tak nangis...

Pocket said...

nice one bro,
i'd say his move was more to martial arts wasnt it? and the green camouflage outfit was nice .. where do u get one of those?

physical ability.
now i cant throw a basket ball from one end of the line to the other end of the hoop, will that be considered physical disability?

cause then all of us are with physically disability, in our own way :)

*ko tau kan yg aku tekan minyak n brek keter manual pakai tumit?


syahdunya ku rasa disaat ini..
suasana sepi membisu...
tersentuh hati ku..
dibuai kenangan lalu...

huhuhuhuhuh... huaaa.. huaaa...

bendul nangis sioootttt..... ingatkan rock...

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