Heart pumping moment..

my younger sister will get married next week..
the nikah will be on next friday,
with the kenduri follow on the next day..
i bet the groom's heart,
pumpings like he just cut the finish line of his 100m run,
everytime his head keep thinkin about the ceremony..
doesn't it, adam..?
that is his heart pumping moment for now,
i think..
my akad nikah ceremony also make my heart pumping..
well, akad nikah ceremony did make almost all men nervous..
make me want to put this thing aside of what i want to tell you after this..

lots of moments made my heart beating like hell..
i made a list here,
5 of them..

1) my dad found out i stole money from my younger brother tabung when i was 10..

2) this moment..

3) my first air flight..

4) this moment..

5) malam pertama laaa... aiyaaaa... mau buat macam mana tak tau wooo...

so my friends,
kind to share some of your heart pumping moments..?

Friday, May 29, 2009


Amir Fauzi Ramlee said...

Aduh, banyak nih heart pumping moment.. Tapi, nak cakap 1 jerk..

Biler lalu kat roadblock polis, mesti jadinye heart pumping, padahal x salah papepun.. Nape eh??

Naughty Adam said...

heart pumping??? wakakakak~ sure lor... buat biasa salah, nak risau pun salah semuanya serba salah... huhu~ lets countdown... 4 days to go!!! wahhhh!!!

bak kata amir, mmg kalo jumpa polis tu salah ke dak mmg len mcm rasa dia... huhu~

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