what would you do,
if you came to a condition of "ditelan mati mak, diluah mati bapak"..?
means you cannot go forward,
and so you cannot retreat..?

stay calm..!!
it's such a good way to prevent problems..
like :
- to prevent break from a crack
- to prevent spill from a drip
- to prevent fire from a spark

let say,
ever try to put out a fire came from petrol..?
mistaken using water will make it worse..
you need to use bubble or dust or other method,
but how if you just don't know the method..?
stay calm..!!
let it burn..!!
it'll extinguish itself later..

one asked me,
how did you manage to hold the "spark" for 15 hours..?
well, i did stay calm..
little bit hard to watch the spark going on,
likely endless that time..
it's not the first time for me on this "spark" thing..

at the begining,
i tried to put it out with petrol,
i went hell of a fire..
then i tried gasoline,
i did burned myself..

only after that,
i just stay calm..
watch the spark..
it won't get long..
did went for hours,
but no damages..

in the other hand,
sometimes i found the "spark" light up my life a bit..
sometimes i enjoy the "spark"..
big spark, small spark, short spark, long spark..
hey..!! i can be a "spark specialist"..!!
just for keep staying calm during the spark..

but even,
life saver drown,
firemen get burned,
electrician get shocked..

playing too much "spark" also dangerous la kawan..
mula2 ada spark takper lagik..
nanti2 tader spark dah,
terus meletup jer..
masa tu baru mau ingat ker..!?

this post is about the "spark"..
just read here..
you'll get the idea..

Thursday, March 05, 2009


LayarLara said...

spark yang berlakon cita remp-it ke?? (remp-it ke?)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

bertahanlah sblm anda bertahan..ekeke

Ayaq masak said...

spark plug?

kadangkala diam tu lagi best...

Tny said...

HALo bro..
Spark tuari maseh berapi ke?

Tapi cmni lah yang buat anda bahagia kan? <<-- ayat nk sedaapkan jiwa.. ;)

shasha said...

spark plug ke senpai?huhuhu...

*SiRibenMerah said...

hurmm.. berdiam itu lebih selesa..
tapi betul ke selesa bila ada spark kita diam??
cam x senang duduk kot.. nak wat ape pon sume x kena ja kann??

"berkatalah benar walaupon pahit"

Naughty Adam said...

spark ape aku pun tak tau kan... musykil da nie... ko diam je le... huhu~

riqzmie said...

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日月神教-任我行 said...


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