We warn you..! (soccer language post)

for one moment,
i thought it'll be a draw game..

10 minutes after the kick-off,
i thought we will loose or just draw the game..

all my thought changes on 45th minutes,
vidic scored from a corner..!
we must win..!

2nd half was different,
the game belong to us..
another one from rooney on 67th,
make it 2-0..
sir alex leans on his seat,
chewing his never end chewing gum.. i think so..
scolari still standing,
busy on simulating strategies..

but it was too late..
the scenario last until 80th minutes..
this controversial game,
will end soon..

then, berbatov strikes for 3rd one..
it was 87th minutes..
me laughing alone in front of the tv screen..
take that chelsea..!
it's no 1-0,
it's no 2-1,
it's 3-0..!!

2 games behind,
we are 3rd on the table..
5 points back from liverpool, go to jail, gerrard..!!
19 games to go..

beware liverpool, aston villa and arsenal..!
we will be at home when defeating you next..!
we will make you suffer like chelsea..!
the red devils will hunt you down..!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Naughty Adam said...

walaupun kalah menyerah belum lagi... we will wait until end of season... Viva Chelsea!!!

Ceera said...

ala, hero kalah dulu maaaaaa.. hehehe.. leh ke statement tu lagik..

Anonymous said...

banyak kan lg cite pasal perkembangan naufal hehehe...suke tgk die...cute jek....

bendul said...

adam: eh eh.. laju jer balas.. ehehehe.. terasa la tu.. chelsea no hope dah.. ahahahaha..
man utd nak pegang 5 title tahun nih..

ceera: hero..? team mana yg hero selain man utd..? chelsea jugak ker..? hohohoho..

anonymous: cemna leh komen pasal naufal kat post bola nih.. iskkk..

Anonymous said...

sesaje...huhu....ekceli sy bc post u yg lame2 tu...dats y la i komen psl naufal hehehe...die cute cgt hehehehe.......

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