Take care of your body and brain..


thousand apologize for the absence..
never been busy like this before..
i only can touch my keyboard at 8:00am to switch th PC on,
and only got 30 minutes from 7:00pm ~ 7:30pm to finish the deskwork..
then must go back home for yana n naufal..
somewhat, feels like i am not being a good husband/father for this week.. (-_-;)

was stuck in the production for sample and pre-production..
good thing to company for having lot of samples to run.. pocket should understand..
it means company is getting more business..
good for me too..
the company 'feeds' me..
but, it only give me satisfaction,
not happiness..

remember this post..?
feels no more like that..
ever experienced the time you get too much on pressure,
your stomach hurt..?
i felt that lately..

plus, in cetain time,
the words that came out from your mouth too,
make people think you're crazy..
i went to drink with my friends after work,
already 7:45pm..
when the stall guy asked me for drink,
somehow, i did ordered "teh o ais limau suam"..
the stall guy left, and then came back,
asking me, "bang, nak buat macam mana tu..?"

ever came out with stupid things,
when you're in pressure,
when you're tired,
when you're down..
sometimes it's stupid, but funny..

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Eija Sam a.k.a Purple 28 said...

teh o ais limau suam ,..satu !!!!..hiks...1st time here...will come again in later

Ayaq masak said...

sempoi...teh o ais limau suam.. hu hu hu...

Pocket said...

kalau dah blur tu bro,
better diam jer...
kekadang pocket pun terkeluar jgakkata kata yang after that memalukan dan menyakitkan ati orang.

'bang, nak minum apa bang?' tanya brader stall...
'...' sambil menunjukkan ke cawan kawan disebelah.

tp teh o ais limau suam tu besh la bro...
blur jgak mamat tu kejap :)
naper ko tak order... 'susu o'?
heheheh tu pun blur jgak tu

Nurmala said...

Lama x minum the o ais limau..terliur pulak tekak nih

Miss aiza said...

Hohohoho, otak berfungsi mcm 2 in 1, terasa tekak nak minum limau suam, tp mulut terbiasa teh o ais, so jadi la teh o ais limau suam. Pernah terjadi gak dlu dlu, tapi tak gtu, lagu nie "Can you give ayam chicken black paper one set..." dahla ayam tambah plak chicken. Masa tu otak dok pkr ok aku nk mkn ayam nieh, then terus sebut ikut menu chicken black paper.

bendul said...

eija: thanks for the visit.. datang ler lagi, nanti aku belanja teh o ais limau suam.. hahaha..

ayaq: sempoi.. rasa dia lagi sempoi.. out of this world..

pocket: masa tu ada kederat lagi 5% untuk berkata2.. tu yg cakap jugak tu.. kalo dah flat sgt, mungkin buat bahasa isyarat jer..
tte, cemana nak order air guna bahasa isyarat..?

nurmala: gi la minum.. tapi jangan silap order plak.. hehehe..

aiza: hehhe.. mesti org ingat kita nih ntah hapa2 ntah kan..
order ayam ker..? huhhuu.. kalo sialp order benda makan, mesti kelam kabut tukang masak nyer nak buat..

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