I'm losing it..

company dah tak bz..
no more working shift,
all normal hour..
8am till 5:30pm..

less report to do..
no more production hassle on reject.. (still some though..)
no more azuri here, azuri there..

but why can't i update here properly..?
got many bullets to point out here,
but i'm still can't catch the time..

the company is planning to go for ISO 14001..
environment matters..
no waste here, no waste there..
love your tree, no more smoke, bla bla bla..
the committee training make me sick..
11 members will ruin their mind until next year,
to make sure the company certified,
and the others who doesn't care will ruin it later in split second..

no extra bonus, no extra increment nowadays..
nobody care sometimes..
good to be here for the experience n money,
but no good for future if compare to gomen servant..

can't handle it no more..
can't help it anymore..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

bro...company skang mmg taknak bg shift dah...kang kena bayar extra plak...anywayz, sabar jeklah...

* menaip dr opis pade pukul 8mlm:D

juelee said...

sabar bro...
kiter skang bolewy bersyukur je la sekurang2 nyer kiter ade keje skang..
huhu ekonomi gawat..

Nurmala said...

company mmg nak fikir untung company jer. x mo fikir untung kita

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ kegawatan ekonomi sangat terasa skang nih. my current company pun, kami leh bergoyang kaki seminggu. kekadang jer busy. ~

bendul said...

cheryna: sabar mmg sabar.. tapi dah tak tahan.. huhuhuh..
(buleh pulak dia kul 8 kat opis lagi.. hohohoh..)

juelee: ada kejer, tapi tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan.. tensen tensen..

nurmala: tapi kenkadang untung batu or untung sabut.. ada masa tenggelam, ada masa timbul..
tak tau nak jadi batu or sabut..

amy: best nyer leh giyang kaki byk2.. aku pun teringin nak goyang kaki, tapi nanti takut bos nampak, dia goyang kepala, susah plak..

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