They did it and i lovin' it..

Another dramatic match last night, holland vs france.. holland was playing to confirm their place in the quarter final and france played to make them a little bit more comfortable in way to quarter final after they only draw with romania last match..
I woke up 3:00am, 10 minutes late after the kick off, switched on the tv and guess what, holland just scored by Kuyt heading as early as 9th minute of the game.. my eyes suddenly get widen by the result though i was really damn sleepy since i slept after the batman begins movie, finished 12:00am.. i thought that it will be such a good game and it was.. first half end with the only goal of holland..
second half started, and france struggling to make a goal when holland bring in Van Persie, the arsenal striker (fyi, france striker Henry was also arsenal striker..).. minutes later, Van Nistelrooy made a great skill to pass the ball to Robben, then Robben run the ball to the left side of france penalty box, crossed the ball and there waiting Van Persie to strike the second goal for holland..
france attack again, creating chances for goal but luck was not with them until france's Henry finally found his touch to score at 70th minute.. Henry then picked the ball to have the match start quicker for them to find another goal.. Unluckily, Henry goal doesn't only determine his team mate, holland left winger Robben scored an ultimate goal at 71st minute, only a minute after Henry's goal.. I really laughed without any reason after that holland's 3rd goal..
the 3-1 result continues until the officer outseide of the field shows there is only 2 minutes of additional time.. i thought 3-1 is good enough, and satisfied with it for holland already confirmed their place in the quater final.. but the orangemen never had enough.. Sneidjer shocked everyone with another fantastic goal.. at 92nd minute, from about 20m range, he struck the ball to the left side upper corner of france's goal post, beating the goalkeeper to complete the orange victory..
4-1 won againts france was unbelievable for me, but i watched the match and it was the result.. i think holland today is better than last holland era with Kluivert, Edgar Davis, Zenden, Jaab Stam and others.. (but there were such hell of a team though..)
Go orange..!!!!! I want to see y'all play the final..

Saturday, June 14, 2008


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