Go orange..!!

musim Euro 2008 pulak.. baru jer bulan lepas abih EPL ngan Champion's League.. semalam hari ke-3, group c nyer matches.. romania vs france and holland vs italy..
ohohoho.. one of the match that i shouldn't miss, so i didn't miss the match last night..
woke up at 3am to support, of course, the orange..!! fan of holland la aku nih.. walaupun actuall "AZZURRI" is the nickname for Italy, last night i was with the orangemen..
after 30 years, at last, the orange beat azzurri 3-0.. first controversial goal was from van nistelrooy, second one was such a wonderful goal, by sneijder and last one from van bronckhorst.. thought azzurri will fight back, but i was dissappointed by the azzurri defending play.. was it the orange counter attack was good or otherwise..
at the other match, romania draw 0-0 with france.. ohohooh.. italy beaten, so chances for oranges to lead the group are very high.. only win with romania or france, then relax enough..

go orange..!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


EpaL c0keLaT said...

Isk...buang masa jek bgun tgh2 mlm nk nengok bola :| tdo lg best daa...

Pocket said...

girlz will never understand men with their ball...

read your entree, till the end.
while i was imagining the player scoring the goal, couldnt realize that the whole post was in english.
wahahahah... nice attempt bendul...


bendul said...

epal : ohohoho.. walaupun astro ada siaran ulangan, live match lebih nikmat..

pocket : yup.. girlz will neeeeeever understand it.. about the english post tu, ahahah.. aku pun tak sedo masa aku tulih tu.. tangan jalan jer..

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