Guess it..

I don't know what to post today..
Back to work, and the life get as normal again..

Thought about something new,
And how about this..

Guess the answer to below riddle..
(I don't know if you already heard it somewhere, but I just thought all of it by myself..)
You need to highlight next to "Answer :" to see the answer..
Try your best and let's go..!!

1) What insect can light a fire other than making noise..?
Answer : Cricket (lighter brand)

2) What bird eat like a snake..?
Answer : Swallow

3) What do you call a purple egg..?
Answer : Eggplant

4) What business which the staffs quit job early..?
Answer : Tyre business because they always do re-tyre (retire) job..)

5) Why some people put gun in their head (suicide) if they have problems..?
Answer : Troubleshoot

6) Why the woman reporter slap a man face..?
Because she wears "PRESS" badge on her chest..

That's all i could think of..

Sapa dapat betul 6 soalan, aku belanja makan mee udang kat kuala juru.. ahahahah... jgn tipu aaa..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Pocket said...

satu pun aku tak dapat betul,
tp aku nak makan ko blanja jgak bleh tak?

Ayaq masak said...

Saya pung macam pocket jugak!!


EpaL c0keLaT said...

Lagi la tak pndai :|
Tp aku nk kepsi :D

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