What will you do if..

Sometimes, I do have those imaginations..
It just not like any kids having their imaginations..
to be a spaceman, to create time machines, etc..
or to be in cartoon such as,
peter pan, tinker bell, jack and the beanstalk, etc..

I have those adults imaginations.. (not wet ones, please concentrate here..)
which I think some of you also might have think about it..
Those are crazy imaginations, as anyone will say it crazy..
but let us think together about those imagination which somehow,
might came true..

What will you do if..

1) you're the last person to be on earth and earth was destroyed..

2) you just knew you're adopted by your parents, and your origin was actually somewhere in africa..

3) you just knew that everybody at your workplace hates you, and your boss is trying to kick you out..

4) the car you're driving hit somebody and he died..

5) (for men only) suddenly a girl came to you with a cop saying you raped her..

6) (for women only) you woke up in a stranger's bedroom, naked..

7) you woke up in a morning, realizing all those previous 10 years you are living is only one of your last night dream scenes.. you never graduated, you never have kids, you never met your "wife".. you just 22 years old, in my case.. (i always imagine of this..)

well, we should not think of those bad things,
but you know, just for fun..

what will you do..?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


meera^da cute..*_* said...

i will say, "baliklah kepada kenyataan" heehe....

entahla...kene wat satu entry ni nak jawab..kene ke??

bendul said...

yer.. saya masih lagi di alam nyata.. nak jawab..? suka ati laaa.. lagi bagus, tak payah carik idea nak posting dah..

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