Need a refreshment..

It was the third new year celebration since past 3 months..
Awal Muharram for muslims in dec 09,
January new year for peoples around the world,
and CNY for chinese this month..

i'm still here,
same work place,
same house,
same yana n naufal,
n of course, the same me..

same work place with different work load..
same house with that need new decoration..
same yana n naufal who need more attention from me..
same me, but need a little bit refreshment..
(for those who understand, it's like when you want to say "勘弁してくれよ~。。")

never say bored of your life..
never say bored to your work..
never say bored to your house..
never say bored to your family..
and never say bored to yourself..
you got all above in your head,
then you may end up your neck hanging from the ceiling.. (nauzubillah..)

it just a part of the hurdles you need to jump over..
just keep remember,
you think your life sucks, others one worst..
you think your house is hot, others are homeless..
you think you work more than you've been paid, others collect bottles for dimes..
you think your family not fun enough, babies neglected everywhere now..
you think you hate yourself for being you, try be others..
you'll regret it..

for those who still getting down,
even after 3 new years,
let's cheer up,
refresh yourself,
jump up high and clear those hurdles with the same you..
the more hurdles you jump, the more you'll get better..


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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