Just now I received 1 phone call, from public phone.. Once I answered it, the voice was very slow and sad.. I asked who, and he said his name, one of my line operator, let just say his name is Y.. Here is the converstion between me and that guy..

Me : Hello..
Y : Hello, Azuri..?
Me : Ya, Azuri cakap.. Sapa ni..?
Y : Ni Y ni..
Me : Ha.. Y.. Aper hal..?
Y : Ni saya nak mintak cuti seminggu la, cuti tanpa gaji..
Me : Cuti tanpa gaji..? Hang punya annual leave dah abih ka..?
Y : Dak, ada lagi.. ni nak pi berubat nih..
Me : Nak pi berubat..? berubat apa..?
Y : Berubat santau.. Y kena santau nih..
Me : Santau..? betoi ka..? sapa habaq hang kena santau...?
Y : Ada la, depa kata..
Me : Hang p jumpa bomoh ka..? Ada batuk darah ka..?
Y : Jumpak bomoh la.. darah ada la sikit2..
Me : Takper laa.. cuti la dulu.. borang isi kemudian.. kang cuti lebih ka, cuti kurang ka, tak tau lagi.. hang cuti la dulu..
Y : Ok la, tima kasih Azuri..

After that I remembered, since last week, Y always took his MC, and also seemed not very well. He had bad cough, and was not so excited as usual.. Y don't smoke, and I don't think a fever can make as bad cough as he get now.. If it's true that he had been "santau"ed, poor Y..
This is what is wrong with our Malay community.. sikit2 nak santau, sikit2 nak santau.. Is it the right way to show that like others saying, "Melayu adalah bangsa yang lemah lembut, bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa"..? Go to hell with lemah lembut if you "santau"ing people.. What's wrong with all of you "santau"er..?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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