Nasi kandar..

Hungry, hungry, hungry.. Went to nasi kandar.. Yer laa.. Baru dapat gaji maaa.. Lagi pun lapar giler, rasa macam puasa pulak...
Then went to Nasi Kandar Mohammad (near main road, at Bukit Panchor junction), took some kari kambing, 1 pcs of ayam goreng, kuah kari ikan and jelatah.. All that for RM5.70.. mahal..? murah..? Judge by yourself..
But how about this..? Last 2 weeks, on the way to watch football match between Perak and Penang E&O at Stadium Batu Kawan, we stopped by at Nasi Kandar Nashmir at Simpang Empat.. Nasmir is quite popular cause they got lot of branches around Penang.. I took the same lauk as above (+ half pcs of telur masin) and guess what.. RM8.70..!! I don't think the telur masin cost RM2..
The conclusion is, when you go to nasi kandar in Penang (or stopped by, for outsider), don't go to "mamak's nasi kandar".. You should go to Nasi Kandar Omar Mahmud (at Bukit Minyak) or go to Nasi Kandar Simpang Empat (about 1km after you turn to go to highway from Simpang Empat).. both restaurant are Malay's.. sedap pun sedap, harga buleh tahan, tak semahal mamak punya nasi kandar..
And the last conclusion is, don't eat (or you cannot eat) nasi kandar at the end of month.. MAHAL LAAAA...!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


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