Can I draw..?

Last 3 week, our Safety & 5S Commitee held an Poster and Slogan Competition.. Guess what, 1'st prize my man.. RM200, and a certificate... Among one winner for poster, one winner for slogan, and 6 consolation prize, I was the only man who did won.. Thought my GM + everybody was not so excited about it.. Who cares..? I did won.. But later I will give half of the cash to Ibu Pejabat Polis Trafik Jawi, for my speedtrap summon.. Damn..

Monday, May 22, 2006


rudy bluehikari said...

bendul.... slmt merakamkan pengalaman dlm blog ini. keep in touch k. how's persediaan majlis raja sehari? daaa... my blog

hugeking said...

laaa... menang menang lo... congratulations anyway! tunggu la competition bowling, mesti bagi kalah punya... hohoho... wooii, nampak ikan handsome aje x nampak muka handsome tu la...hahaha

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