my day...

yesterday, woke up early morning as usual, didn't went to office as usual.. went to market, bought RM2 of shrimps, RM1 of chicken liver and one loaf gardenia bread.. got some clues..? aiyaaa.. went to fishing laaa.. kolam memancing taufik laaa.. shhh.. office colleagues, don't tell Haruna-san aaa.. mati aku... went fishing from 8am until 1pm and the result is 17 kilos of ikan keli.. 2.5kg sent to Henry, another 15kg sold it back to kolam.. boleh laa.. carik makan sket2.. bukannyer nelayan..
then went back, took shower and went to seberang jaya with henry, after met with him at his mother shop (waiting for the ikan keli).. went to celcom to upgrade SIM card (64k ->128k), went to KWSP, to HSBC and went back to office.. ingat cuti, buleh balik terus, kena pegi ofis jugak.. Thai's factory machine got problem, cannot settle.. Sakaguchi-san called when i was at celcom, asked me to go to factory and search for solutions.. aper laa.. macam rizal kata, selalu branches call jepun ask for solution, ni jepun ask branches for solution..
then went to pickup my baby (sapa tak tau angkat tangan), went to dinner at simpang sembilan together with henry, junaidi, halim and rizal.. ni pasal dah promise, kalo menang lukis poster, kena belanja makan.. then went to henry's wife house to see their wedding photos.. giler... abih 3 ribu lebih buat semer tu... henry is a crazy guy.. hahahaha...
went back home, watch perak vs negeri sembilan naza, and tido.. (perak kalah lerr... iskkk..)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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