Haaa.. I didn't won the bowling tournament held yesterday at PACIFIC Mega Lanes.. I can't win or I didn't want to win..? I was in a dilemma all along the week before the competition... I juast won the poster drawing competition, then still want to win the bowling tournament aa..? If I was just thinking about myself, Henry cannot get the 1st prize.. I should win.. but because I was thinking of the others, then I was "main-main" only that day.. but still got 4th place you know.. lantak la korang.. nak pecaya atau tidak.. the truth is out there.. who dare to cahallenge me personally at bowling games..? muahahahaha.. I know you all don't dare... hahahahaa... (getting crazy actually because didn't won the tournament, lose my own pride for bowling.. (T_T)...

Monday, May 29, 2006


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