Some lesson..

end 1995,
i was a part time store keeper at a supermarket..
i've learned that sometime people trust us to manage their things,
but sometime we appear to destroy other people's things..

mid 1998,
i was a part time dish washer at a hotel..
i've learned that nobody want to eat/drink using dirty dishes,
but sometime our meal leftovers are causing other people get hard to clean it..

end 1999,
i was a part time paper boy..
i've learned that people need us to bring the daily news to them,
but sometime we spread rumors, telling lies and ask peoples to believe us..

somewhere in 2000,
i was a part time operator at a factory..
i've learned that speedy is needed to increase capacity,
but sometime we end up delaying all our work..

mid 2001,
i was a part time cleaner at a theme park..
i've learned that clean environment attract people to us,
but sometime we contribute in earth pollution..

end 2002,
i was a part time worker at a workshop..
i've learned that proper maintenance on vehicle is needed to remain safety,
but sometime we think it is a waste of money to change our car/bike light bulb..

summer 2003,
i was a part time tutor at a tuition centre..
i've learned that students depend on us to earn good lesson,
but sometime we teach poor lesson to peoples..

from 2004 until now,
i am a normal worker for my company,
despite of my position,
i've learned, learning and will learn many good lesson in life..
but sometime i feels that some doesn't.. (me too actually..)
they don't get the chance to learn,
or they don't want to,
or just, they will never learn..

when do we start to learn..?

Saturday, August 08, 2009


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

memang sume keje yg kite wat ada sebabnya...walaupon kite jadi penyangak pon ade sebabnya...and like it or not, mesti ade something yg kita akan belajar dr pekerjaan itu...

adeh...posting anda menyingkap kenangan2 lama di pagi ari dan tibe2 terasa sangat sayu.

aduuhaaiii bendul!

Anonymous said...

yup.. i agree with u

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