The paintball.. (or the "painball"..)

Wohhhooo... last saturday mmg kitorang enjoy giler.. gi main paintball kat bukit minyak.. perrrgghh... sempoi giler.. tak tau nak cakap macam mana, keseronokannya..
all in one.. you can get the excitement, you can get the exercise, you can get debaran (to shoot or to be shot), you can get dirty, you can sweat, you can swear, everything..
but compare to what i saw in the youtube, the place we went for battling was lousy.. the venue was perfect, but the equiptment.. ok la tu kot, yer laa.. org bisnes, guna kos murah ler kot.. the uniform was the worst.. the markers (the guns) was not as sharp as we thought.. all the pallets (the bullets) went curving when you shoot long distance.. even it won't break sometimes, and that's will hurt (rasa macam kena lastik ngan guli)..
that day, i had killed some enemies, also get killed sometimes.. once shot at the right eye, just can't imagine how would it be if i was in the actual war.. even ilias was shot at the neck.. pergghhh.. real beb.. macam kena semelih.. nasib baik dakwat pallet kaler oren, kalo kaler merah, lagi real..
isk.. kena pegi lagi.. wajib la kena pegi lagi.. of course, bebudak nih nak gi lagi next gaji.. hohohoho.. agi idup agi ngelaban..!!! (maknanya selagi hidup selagi itu la berlawan/memberontak : kata2 prebet kanang anak langkau)

Attack all the homes and villages.. Attack all the schools and hospitals.. You attack all the rapes and pillages.. We shall attack..

Artist : System Of A Down
Song Title : Attack
Album Title : Hypnotize

Monday, March 03, 2008


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