Apa nak jadi..

Aku tak pernah involve dalam politik.. aku benci politik.. but when the time comes, i have to choose my government.. but i never choose.. i never want to or to be true, it just i can't choose who i should choose.. that's why i hate politics..
for this year only, i really concern about my government.. since tomorrow is the election day.. my government will change after tomorrow, or it won't.. what's the different..? all the politicians are bulls*it.. they're good at certain but they're so god damn cruel at the others..
it still ok since that is the situation, you can't escape from being ruled by the government.. but i just hate government who play bulls*it.. lots of stories, lots of propagandas, manifestos etc i read about, it just seem unfair for the people.. they lied to us.. proof..? yeah, proof.. you doubt the government and you hand the proof to the government.. seolah2 macam sembang org pempuan,
"wehh.. aku ada rahsia pasai laki hang wat jahat ang tau.. aku cita kat hang ni, hang jgn cita kat dia plak kata aku cita kat hang.. satgi dia tibai aku.. hang setel la elok2 ngan dia.."
but at the end ko kena belasah gak ngan laki dia.. btoi dak..?
hmmm.. bebaru nih, kuar lak news pasal the permanent ink usage for the election.. tak rasa "ikan-ikan" (fishy) ker..? korang baca la sendiri..
Cancellation of permanent ink
so..? tak rasa apa2..?

What's wrong with the world, mama.. People livin' like they ain't got no mamas.. I think the whole world addicted to the drama.. Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma

Artist : Black Eyed Peas
Song Title : Where Is The Love
Album Title : Elephunk

Friday, March 07, 2008


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