Laughter is the best medicine..

one of the best joke i ever heard..

A professor who is doing a research on a paranormal activities, held a seminar at a campus. There were hundreds of students attending the seminar which was held in the campus hall.
At the beginning of the seminar, the professor asked the students,
"First of all, I want to asked how many from all of you here have ever seen a ghost..?"
More than half of the students raised their hand.
"Ok.. I think it was such a great experience for that all of you.. My next question, how many from all of you here have ever touched a ghost..?" said the professor again.
Around 10 students raised their hand.
"Really..? Due to my research only 1/1000 people will have this type of experience.. But nevermind.. And my last question, and I just want to know if there is any of you here have ever made love to a ghost..?"
The hall get silence until one boy student at the back of the hall raised his hand.
The professor was so astonished until he get excited to hear the experience from the boy and asked him to come down and tell everybody.
"So my boy, can you tell all the people, how was it fell to make love to a ghost.."
Then the boy replied...
"WHAT..!! Ghost..!? I thought you said goats..!!"

Hahahahaha... lawak giler..

Friday, February 15, 2008


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