hooo.. pocket dah balik.. naper sikit jer cuti..? ker masih on cuti..? takper ler.. org lepas kawin, cuti ker tak cuti ker, sama jer.. the first three months will feel the same.. after that.. hohoho, depends..
anybody watched Bersama Dato' Fadhilah Kamsah yesterday at channel 106 astro..? aku pun baru tgk 2 kali, since lepas tgk first time, lupa lak citer tu ari apa kul baper.. then semalam dah tau, kul 10pm ari isnin.. tgk tau..
the most interesting part said by Dato' was --> "no matter what, suami isteri masa nak masuk tidur, jangan masam2 muka.. pegang tangan supaya lunas semua dosa2 antara suami isteri.."
i'm forgiving.. but not for everybody, not for everytime.. it also depends..
depends.. bergantung.. ~による.. tak rasa macam kita just let go things happened ker..? kenapa tak cuba untuk ubah action kita kalo kita dah tau situation cannot be changed..?
kenapa takleh nak ubah action kita..? berbalik kepada cerita Dato' kat atas.. contohnyer satu malam tu balik kejer jer, gaduh pung pang pung pang tunggang terbalik, and then you expect your spouse to hold your hand before sleep..? yer laa.. mmg la Dato' cakap no matter what and we must do it.. but will people change their action to fit the situation..? most peoples are being the victim of situations they are facing everyday just because they don't want to changed their action..
like puppet.. we are the situation and the puppet is us.. we pulled the puppet hand, it will go up.. you move it left, it will go left.. we just keep follow what is happening instead of trying to change it, just like the puppet who are following our movement..
and let us be like fisherman and fish.. same concept as puppet play, but got only one string.. the fisherman is the situation and we be the fish, a big fish.. sometime we follow the string reeled by the fisherman, and sometime as a big fish, fight until the fisherman loose the reel, making the fisherman follow the movement left and right.. or maybe sometime fish will be strong enough to break the string and can go free..
we can go free if we take strong action and might change the situation..
what the hell..

master of puppets, i'm pulling your string.. twisting your mind, smashing your dreams.. blinded by me, you can't see a thing.. just call my name and i'll hear you scream..

Artist : Metallica
Song Title : Master Of Puppets
Album Title : Master Of Puppets

p/s:baby.. you never know, no matter what happened between us, i always forgive you before i go to sleep.. just don't want you to go straight to lake of fire..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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