Fever for the flava...

"I got the green glow bottom my car, I got the boom boom system i can hear real far.."
This is about the car actually, from the song Fever For The Flava from Hot Action Cops.. But my car got only the blue glow plus not at the bottom, it's placed behind the front grill.. But hey, I still got the boom boom system..!! Hell I like my boom boom system...
Bought my Wira through AmBank loan for RM20,500, standard one.. That time only the alarm system changed to another brand, Power Guard.. well, I like it.. Then I sent my car to Ah Chui (introduced by Nasa) for the tinted, for the green glow which is blue, bla bla bla.. budget RM800 but spent RM1,300..
Anyway, I like my car.. bcoz I got "something" with cars.. I don't know.. I just can't own a car and do nothing about it.. I must do something.. There's something about car that make me crazy.. Example like spent more money for your car, at the time you just got another 1 month for your wedding.. That's really happened to me..
Haaaaa.. I just thought about my R32 back in Japan 4 years ago..

Friday, August 04, 2006

1 Comment:

pocket said...

Peh!!.. nak kna bli keter jgak la gini... buleh sembang ngan da bendool bout cars.. heh:)

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