Just let it go..

I wasted my precious time.. you just can't simply get 2 hours of being the only one left at office.. (suddenly heard strange sound and noise up here.. huhuhu.. freaky..)
but i just look to the emails, delete mails, re-look at emails, delete re-looked emails, feel cold, feel lonely and of course, feel stupid.. again, and i just feel it again.. i just can't help myself to avoid it..
somebody please help to free me from this feeling.. i can't stand it anymore..
it's ok to feel cold today.. it's ok to fell lonely today.. but i don't want to keep feel stupid..

Ain't gonna waste my hate.. Ain't gonna waste my hate on you.. I think I'll keep it for myself.. Ain't gonna give no more.. Ain't got the time to help you score.. I think it's time ya pleased yourself

Artist : Metallica
Song Title : Wasting My Hate
Album Title : Load

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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