Past and present...

23-June-2007, Saturday, 6:56pm : My first baby, a boy, was borned by operation at Seberang Jaya Hospital.. Weighted at 1.62kg, he was first placed in an incubator, directly brought to the ICU.. My wife was still in the operation room after the operation for discovery, brought to the ward around 8:00pm.. I was accompanied by my parents, who come straight away from Sitiawan soon after heard about my wife.. My wife was in ward 10 for 10 days, and my baby was in the ICU for 11 days, discharged after gaining weight to 1.9kg..

My baby was brought home to my mother-in-law house, for about 11 days until suddenly
he got a high fever (39 degree).. I brought him to the nearest private clinic, took some medicine, until I realised something was wrong since my baby didn't stop crying until that night.. We brought him to the Sungai Bakap Hospital that night around 3:30am.. My god, the hospital attendance refuse to admit my son into ward.. I insisted, then my baby placed in the ward with my wife accompanied.. the next day was a such sad day when my wife crying non-stop for my baby situation.. Me also cannot hold the sadness, called my mom through phone and cried as loud as I can.. My tears still cannot stop until I came back to office.. That evening, my baby was carried again to Seberang Jaya Hospital ICU for the fever..

My baby, again in the incubator at Seberang Jaya Hospital ICU.. he was in there for 9 days.. Some blood sample test at the lab and they came with conclusion of dengue fever..
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sad isn't it..?
Now my baby is at home again, quite "merengek-rengek", don't know why..

Haaaa... can't feel any better these days..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

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